Administration & Finance

The Administration and Finance Department consists of the office of the City Manager and the various finance offices that are under the direction of the city’s Finance Director. This Department is responsible for maintaining all official City records and documents of general application to City operations, administering the contracting and purchasing system for all Departments, administering the personnel system, the City’s accounting system, and the preparation and management of the annual budgets.
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Office of the City Manager

The City Manager is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and reports directly to the Board. As Chief Administrative Officer of the City, the Manager is responsible for the administration of all City operations. The Office of City Manager maintains all official City records and documents relating to the actions by the Board of Commissioners, personnel records, City contracts, and labor contracts and administers employee benefits and pension plans.

Duties & Responsibilities

Under the Hermitage Home Rule Charter, the Manager is responsible for the appointment and, when necessary, discipline of City employees and directing the administration of all Departments, Offices, and Agencies of the City. The Manager is responsible for seeing that all laws, provisions of the Charter and acts by the Board of Commissioners, subject to enforcement by him or by others subject to his direction and supervision, are executed. He is to submit the annual budget and capital program to the Board of Commissioners, keep the Board fully advised as to financial conditions and future needs of the City and make recommendations to the Board concerning affairs of the City as he deems desirable.

Human Resource Operations

The Office of the City Manager also houses human resource operations including the administration of employee benefits and pension plans.

Finance Department

The Finance Department is headed by the Finance Director, and consists of employees working in the Finance Office and Treasurer’s Office. The Finance Department is responsible for all City accounting, receivables and payables, preparation of purchase orders, monitoring budget status, and preparing various budget-based reports for department heads, staff, and elected officials.

Payroll & Budget

The Finance Department also includes payroll services and related responsibilities and preparation of the annual city budget. The Department is responsible for the City’s compliance with all State, Federal, and standard governmental accounting practices and procedures and, to that end, works closely with the City auditors and various State agencies.