Hermitage Zoning Ordinance

Zoning Ordinance

The Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code is the State legislation which empowers cities and other local governments to plan their development and to govern land use by adopting zoning ordinances, subdivision and land development ordinances, and by other methods contained in the Code. A Zoning Ordinance is one which designates specific zoning districts within all areas of the community, which are shown on the Zoning Map.

Zoning District

Each zoning district contains a list of permitted uses and specific land use regulations related to property development, such as building setbacks, building heights, and lot coverage specifications. Other zoning regulations govern such aspects as landscaping, signs, parking and floodplain development. Some zoning regulations may be different for each zoning district, and others may apply uniformly throughout the entire City.

The City of Hermitage (then Hickory Township) adopted its first zoning ordinance in 1957, and the Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map have been updated and changed many times since then, in response to the growth of the community and the evolution of society, commerce and technology.

Zoning Ordinance & Zoning Map

The Zoning Ordinance and Zoning Map are officially adopted and amended by the Hermitage Board of Commissioners, after recommendations by the Hermitage Planning Commission and Mercer County Regional Planning Commission, and after a Public Hearing in accordance with the procedures dictated by the PA Municipalities Planning Code.

Paper copies of the Hermitage Zoning Ordinance and Map are also available at the Hermitage City Building, 800 North Hermitage Road, Hermitage PA. Cost of paper copies is $25 for the ordinance and map or, $2.50 for the map only.