Street Department

Duties & Responsibilities

The Street Department is headed by the Superintendent, assisted by the Foreman, and consists of nineteen employees. It is located at the City Garage, 5250 Virginia Road. The Street Department operates the City Garage, with two mechanics that provide most of the vehicle/equipment maintenance and inspection services for City vehicles from passenger cars to large trucks to heavy equipment. The Street Department also provides a mechanic for the Mercer County Regional Council of Governments Municipal Garage which is located next to the City Garage.

Street Maintenance

During the winter season the fleet of fifteen trucks and other related equipment performs winter maintenance services such as snow and ice removal. Throughout the year the Street Department maintains and sweeps all City streets, maintains street signs and roadway markings, constructs and maintains storm water facilities, mows grass at City properties and on traffic islands, and participates in the annual street paving and sealing programs and other related activities.

Frontage Storm Sewer Piping

If you are interested in frontage storm sewer piping on your property, please refer to the follow storm sewer documents and contact the Street Department for more information.

Frontage Storm Sewer Piping Documents

Dumptrucks lined up together in a parking lot