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Jan 30

Five Things Friday - February 1, 2019

Posted on January 30, 2019 at 2:24 PM by Rachael Manuel

Friday Five – Citizen Request Tracker Feature Have you ever noticed a large pothole in the street or maybe a downed power line and thought, “Hmmm, I should probably tell someone about that?” Of course you have! And we want to make it easier for you to report to us! Here are five things you need to know about our Citizen Request Tracker feature:

1. To access the feature, you will first need to download our mobile app. Here are the links for the Apple Store and Google Play store: Apple App Store (iPhone): Google Play (Android):

2. Features of the Citizen Request Tracker include the ability to add a photo to your request. You can choose a photo from your phones existing photo album or snap a pic straight from the app.

3. You can also share the location of the incident you are reporting by using your current location, selecting a location on the map or providing the address

4. There is also a place for you to provide a description of the incident you are reporting (i.e. a large pothole or a downed tree) and your contact information

5. Finally, once the incident is submitted, the City immediately receives an emailed alert. We will make sure to get all reported incidents to the appropriate department and hopefully taken care of as soon as possible.

We encourage residents and non-residents, who are reporting incidents like street repairs, to use the app versus sending information through Facebook, Twitter, or the website. This allows us to better serve the community as we are able to keep track of open and closed incidents. Make sure you download our app and check out the Citizen Request Tracker feature today : )