2021 Capital Projects

2021 Major Capital Infrastructure Improvement Projects 

2021 Major Capital Infrastructure Improvement Projects 

2021 Neighborhood Investment Program

The City of Hermitage will begin work on Phase 2, Block 6 of the Neighborhood Investment Program in late June and the project will be completed by late summer. Block 2 includes Michael Ln. from S. Hermitage Rd. to Armand Ave. and all of Armand Ave. The work will consist of storm water improvements, sign replacement, removal of existing pavement, roadway base repair where necessary and the repaving of the street. North Beaver Contracting has completed installing new catch basins and storm sewers on Michael Lane and Armand Ave.  North Beaver Contracting has also completed curb work on Michael and Armand.  All paving and yard restoration has been completed.  Contractor will return in the spring of 2022 to touch of some yard restoration.  

South Darby Road Stormwater Improvement Project

The project area is on South Darby Rd. between Virginia Rd. and Miller Rd. North Beaver Contracting has completed all catch basin and storm pipe installation.  The City of Hermitage has completed paving of S. Darby Road.  This project has been completed.

Capital Paving Program

The project is to mill off old pavement and repave the full length of Donna Drive, Homewood Drive, Woodbine Drive and Charlotte Ave. Youngblood Paving has completed this project.  King Drive Paving has been completed from Ellis Ave. to Buhl Farm Drive.

Sample Road Improvement

Aqua PA has completed a water main extension on Sample Road from Christy Road to American Way.  All paving has been completed on Sample Road from Keel Ridge Road to Christy Road.  The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has completed a seal coat of Sample Road.